The New Boat That Rocks!

To help us celebrate the introduction of our newest jet boat, Thunder 4, we need your help!

You are invited to take part in a classroom dance competition organised by Thunder Jet for 7-10 year olds. The aim of the competition is to help children, teachers and parents think about creativity through dance while demonstrating teamwork by working with others on an interactive project.

WIN a jet boat ride for your entire class and pizza to celebrate afterwards!

To enter, work with your class to create/choreograph a dance that represents the theme outlined above.

The judging process will be via a voting poll on the Thunder jet website so get your friends and family involved to help you win!

Good luck and enjoy!

Entry Form

Note: you may wish to upload your video to Youtube before copying the link to it in the form below. Alternatively send your video file via to including the video title, teacher’s name, school and class name. 

Teachers Name:
Teachers Email:
School Name:
Class Name:
Video Title:
Video Link:


Competition Rules

  1. Participants
    1. The dance competition is open to all primary schools in the Queenstown-Lakes area supported by their teachers.
  1. Requirements of the dance
    1. The final dance must demonstrate teamwork by working together on an interactive project
    2. The dance must be recorded in video format
    3. Video must be no longer than 2(?) minutes in length.
    4. Filming can take place on whatever device you like. You are not judged on quality of filming, but the movements and space of the dance itself.
    5. Each video should be submitted together with the following information
      1. The name and address of the school and class
      2. Title of the dance project
  1. Submission
    1. Each class may submit one video per class per school.
    2. Any questions regarding the competition can be sent through to
    3. The video should be uploaded to Youtube (need to find out exact upload instructions from MS)
    4. Your videos will be judged by a voting poll from the public so get your friends and family on board!
  1. Dates
    The contest will refer to the following timetable:
    February 27th – Contest opens
    March 24th     – Submission deadline
    March 27th      – Online voting on Thunder Jet’s website
    March 31st     – Winner announced!
  1. Use and transfer of copyright
    1. Thunder Jet and consumers will be free to use the uploaded videos as considered appropriate.